Our Purpose

The Living Root Cellar features raw, healthy vegan superfoods, juices, breakfast foods, and more in a modern environment. Stop by our Redlands, CA location and indulge in a healthy treat today!

We serve raw, vegan, locally grown breakfast foods, superfood smoothies, and cold pressed juices for your enjoyment and health. We strive to bring you the best juice products. This mean that we source from local farmers, use high quality superfood products, and always buy organic whenever possible.

Stop by and grab a healthy juice, snack, meal, or cleanse from us today!

How We Juice

Our juicing process is unique in that it maintains active enzyme activity and holds all nutrients in their unaltered, and most natural and healthy, form. It’s as simple, pure, and natural as you can get!

Cold Pressed Juice Cleanses

We also specialize in cold-pressed juice cleanses. Raw food cleansing is a great way to give your digestive system a rest while pumping your body with living foods that contain a wide range of vital life force nutrients. Juice and raw food cleanses can help with allergies, insomnia, skin issues, sluggishness, extra weight, digestive issues, and more. Stop by and ask us how a cleanse can work for you and we can tailor a specific juice menu based on your personal needs.

Our Coconut Water

We use a simple (4) step process to prepare your coconut milk:

  1. Open the Coconut
  2. Pour out the Coconut Water and Hand Scrape the Flesh
  3. Blend
  4. Serve
Our staff constantly makes Coconut Milk. We do it everyday – fresh! When you purchase a product that contains Coconut Milk at The Living Root Cellar, you know that it was prepared fresh. No bottles, no cans, no cartons, no concentrates, no nothing. Just fresh Coconut Milk.

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