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At The Living Root Cellar, we believe God created our body to heal itself. We also believe that living a healthy lifestyle requires a symphony of factors within our control working together and cooperating with the Law of Health to ensure a long, active, healthy and purposeful life. Until recently, this was a secret privy only to people living in those communities we now recognize as The Blue Zones. But now, this information is available to everyone via our educational programs. In addition to great tasting, nutrient dense, plant foods, our passion is to share the knowledge we have to everyone willing to learn about this Law of Health and healthful living. As such, we have compiled a series of classes, workshops, seminars and presentations that support our mission to educate the willing student in the timeless principles of health and wellness. Below is a list of the various topics, workshops or presentation we offer throughout the year:
  • The law of Health: confirmation God loves you
  • Physical nourishment: the ancient app for your body
  • Lifestyle medicine: healing comes before relief
  • Functional fitness: moving with purpose
  • Lose the scale, lose the weight: Four reasons diets fail
  • Fermentation Workshop (kombucha & sauerkraut)
  • Weight loss workshop (20/40 Project – all day)
  • Raw food workshop
  • Healthy dining workshop
  • Traveling healthy workshop
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