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Here at The Living Root Cellar, we believe God created our body to heal itself. We believe that adopting a whole-food, plant-based diet, along with other lifestyle reforms, yields the best chances for optimal health. However, we see forces at work keeping this truth from being readily available to all. Ironically, this truth has become even more relevant following the coronavirus pandemic, and the corresponding censorship of natural remedies (such as treating COVID-19 with vitamin C) has spiked. As such, we feel an even greater urgency to share our knowledge of wellness with you.

In step with the logic of social distancing as a preventative measure to getting sick from a virus, we are changing the way we offer education.

Beginning in September 2020, we will feature articles, blogs, videos, and excerpts from credible written sources that speak to and validate the truth that our body has an innate intelligence to heal itself. Instead of relying on big pharma or government to “save us” via their seemingly infallible science, we can take steps NOW to reduce the risk of getting sick from a virus or any number of other illnesses, infectious or chronic, via traditional wellness protocols.

Keep in mind, nothing you find here is intended to replace the advice of a medical professional, especially as it relates to a specific medical condition you might have. We hope the information you’ll find here will expand your learning and encourage you to think for yourself and make the best decisions on your path toward health and wellness.

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