Vegan food

The Vegan Difference


At The Living Root Cellar (LRC) we realize it’s hard to find healthy and tasty eats—let’s face it, we are drowning in a sea of unhealthy choices. This is why we are committed to providing you with the healthiest vegan options anywhere in town. We believe real food is nutrient dense, and we know that the art of creating flavorful vegan dishes requires we think outside the fast-food box and make things from scratch. We follow a simple rule of thumb—make it real, make it fresh!

To accomplish our goal, we use organic produce for everything on the Dirty Dozen list, we prefer food from known local sources, we always buy non-GMO, and we favor whole over processed ingredients. We know vegan food can be exciting and exceptional, which is why we use lots of herbs and spices and are constantly striving to improve our offerings, adding new menu items frequently.

Another important consideration that motivates our vegan mission, is an understanding of and sensitivity to the growing number of people looking to heal themselves of medical conditions via plant nutrition. If you didn’t already know, the vegan movement is being fueled in part by the clinical evidence that supports the truth that many chronic illnesses can be arrested, prevented and even reversed via a lifestyle that includes regular physical activity, appropriate stress management and a whole food, plant-based diet. For more information on this, visit CHIP Health.

The following is a descriptive sampling of our vegan food. Please follow us on social media for the latest menu specials, updates, and seasonal offerings:

Beet Burger

100% whole wheat bun (baked fresh locally), beet patty (beet pulp, carrot pulp, beans, seasonings, nutritional yeast flakes), tomato, lettuce, Veganaise®, BBQ sauce and served with a side of broccoli or cabbage salad. Make it gluten free by subbing a lettuce wrap for the bun!

Microgreens Salad

Sunflower seed sprouts, pea sprouts, romaine lettuce, red bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, avocado, and sunflower seeds, served with a side of house-made lemon-garlic vinaigrette dressing.


 Spicy Raw tacos

Kale and carrot pulp with nuts, seasonings, extra virgin olive oil, and nutritional yeast flakes, topped with cheddraw sauce, pico de gallo, and avocado. Served in cabbage leaves.



Multi-grain bread (baked fresh locally), NON-GMO Lightlife® vegan bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato, sliced red onion, and broccoli sprouts, spread with Veganaise®, and served with a side of broccoli or cabbage salad.

“Egg Salad” Sandwich

Multi-grain bread (baked fresh locally), organic tofu, organic celery, organic onion, seasonings, and Vegenaise.®



Ancient Grain Cereal

Stove-cooked blend of five grains (amaranth, barley, millet, quinoa, and steel cut oats), served with almond or coconut milk and topped with your choice of nuts, banana, strawberries, chopped dates, and cinnamon.

Banana-oat and cacao nib Muffin

A customer favorite, we make this craveable muffin with bananas, oat flour, coconut oil, brown sugar, cacao nibs, and spice flavorings. Try one, and you’ll be hooked!

Ultimate Breakfast Smoothie

A frothy, hearty blend of almond milk, five-grain cereal (amaranth, barley, millet, quinoa, steel-cut oats), hemp seeds, banana, brown rice protein, chopped dates, cinnamon and B-12.



Hot Vegan Chili — October thru December

Pinto beans, kidney beans, black beans, onions, peppers, tomatoes and our secret spices served with a side of pico de gallo and avocado.

*GF, NF, SF 

Creamy Potato Soup w/ Onion & Kale — March thru April

Organic Yukon potatoes, organic celery, organic kale, onion & seasonings served with multi-grain bread (bread not GF).


Tomato Herb Soup — may thru July

Organic tomatoes, organic celery, organic bell peppers, organic carrots and our secret mix of herbs and spices served with multi-grain bread (bread not GF).

*GF, NF, SF 

Red Lentil Curry Soup — January thru February 

Red lentils, organic potatoes, organic tomatoes, onion in a thick stew of coconut milk and lots of spices, served with multi-grain bread (bread not GF).

*GF, NF, SF 

Pasta-less Minestrone Soup — August thru Sept

Organic yellow squash, organic tomatoes, organic celery, organic carrots, organic kale or spinach, organic bell pepper, onion and our special mix of herbs and spices served with multi-grain bread (bread not GF).


Gluten Free: GF
Nut Free: NF
Soy Free: SF

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